Consumer Insight

Consumer Insight

Research that helps you sell more and grow faster.

We help CEOs, CMOs, strategy officers, and senior marketing staff (especially those in the advertising, public relations, and digital communications fields):

  • Understand a target audience’s thoughts and feelings regarding a particular brand, product, service, or issue;
  • Identify opportunities to improve a current or proposed product or service;
  • Segment a target audience to determine areas with the greatest potential for growth; and
  • Determine the optimal positioning of a particular brand, product, service, or topic.

What types of consumer insight projects do we conduct? Our practice areas can be categorized as follows:

  • Branding and Strategic Positioning
  • Marketing Message Evaluation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Market Size / Market Share Estimates
  • Purchase Decision Making
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • User Experience

To learn more about how we approached and solved specific market research challenges for partners with consumer insight needs, please review our related case studies.