Case Study

Columbus Academy, Brand Positioning

The Context

Columbus Academy, an independent, coed, PreK-12 school in Central Ohio, wanted to ensure its brand remains optimally positioned in an increasingly competitive educational environment.

The Critical Question

How do current and prospective parents of Columbus Academy students view the school? After obtaining a deeper, measurable understanding of its current market position, what should the school do and say to attract more potential parents of Academy students?

Our Solution

We created an approach that blended several different research modes, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and an online survey. Columbus Academy faculty and parents, as well as parents of prospective students from around Central Ohio, discussed their hopes and dreams for their children’s education, shared their attitudes and opinions toward Columbus Academy, and evaluated potential brand positioning statements under consideration by the school.


A synthesis of the key research findings revealed an optimal brand positioning that meaningfully communicates both what parents desire in an independent education for their children and what Columbus Academy offers to students.


The positioning statement identified by the research, along with other findings and insights obtained during the course of this effort, is now guiding Columbus Academy’s marketing efforts.